Love Olivia Pope’s Style? Here Are Tips From Scandal’s Costume Designer!

image For those of you are familiar with the TV series Scandal, and Olivia Pope want to steal some of America’s favorite political fixer’s outfits (loooong sentence). From the tailored pant suits, luxe winter coats, to stunning gowns, here is Lyn Paolo the brain behind the beautiful looks of Olivia Pope. As the hit show’s costume designer,Lyn is responsible for orchestrating all of Olivia’s covetable ensembles. She spoke with The Washington Post about outfitting Olivia, dressing for D.C., and fashion meeting feminism. When asked about women and the workplace — including an obligatory Lean In reference —

Paolo says: I think that the women in power should be representing women in a different light and be more innovative. Regarding Sheryl’s book and the “leaning in,” I think there were a couple of interviews she gave that resonated with me. When people ask me about success, I tend to respond with the female platitudes of, “I was really lucky, and I met the right people and worked hard.” Whereas men say “I deserved it. I worked for it, and I deserved it.” I don’t think we have to be so self-absorbed, but I think there is a fine line in how we present ourselves. There is a constant worry about not being too pushy, but I think Olivia Pope can be quite pushy. But because she represents herself in a feminine way, I think it works. I don’t think if she was in more of a masculine suit and stomping her feet — I don’t know if it would work as well.

Paolo also talks about how Mellie dresses very ‘old D.C’ and Olivia is supposed to represent “new D.C.” Both stylish, but one significantly more traditional in terms of colors and shapes.

Paolo’s favorite things in Olivia’s wardrobe:

We do shop really great designers. But it’s really more about color and silhouette. We are loyal to some pieces because they work so often for us. Max Mara and a lot of Christian Dior, which is just a wee bit more girlish in its designs–-super feminine. If we have a different theme where Olivia has to be more businesslike we’ll end up back in a more structured Armani suite.

But Paolo’s absolute favorite pieces are The stunning Jean Fares gown Pope wore in the scene where Fitz was shot. She also loves the shell pink Ferragamo coat, and Olivia’s gorgeous signature long gloves.